Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LISTERINE Total Care Zero Sampling Program

The makers of LISTERINE® mouthwash are proud to announce the newest addition to their family of products, LISTERINE® Total Care Zero. This less intense, alcohol-free mouthwash answers America’s craving for more options in the zero alcohol containing mouthwash category yet provides all the same healthy mouth benefits of the brand’s most complete mouthwash, LISTERINE® Total Care. As a new product, we’d love to hear from YOU, the consumer, and hear what you think. We’ll provide the product and information, you provide the feedback. Sign up now to try it out!

As a Crowdtap member for the last year now, I am proud to say that I have been with Crowdtap from the very beginning and I just love all the sample shares I have been able to participate in. I was lucky enough to be chosen for this new Listerine Total Care Zero Sampling program.

Overall, this mouthwash has been a "fresh" addition to the mouthwash collection available out there. I'm usually not a huge fan of mouthwash as it is just too strong and the taste is just intolerable. The aftertaste is the worst of all. This Listerine Total Care Zero sample was great in that it helped make my mouth feel cleaner than just brushing alone. It made my mouth feel fresh and minty without having that usual icky aftertaste you get with other mouthwashes. I liked how the aftertaste didn't last as long as the ones I've tried in the past. I still think mouthwash is totally unnecessary but if you like using one, then this one's for you!

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