Friday, October 24, 2014

Neil Diamond's MELODY ROAD - Music Review for One2OneNetwork

I have to admit the last time I remember listening to Neil Diamond's music was when I was being inducted as a US Citizen back in 1987.  They played the song "Coming to America" and the hundreds in the room becoming citizens were cheering and clapping, obviously happy for this special moment to be happening in their lives.  It was definitely a momentous occasion for sure.

It isn't the style of music I listen to normally so it took me quite some time to listen to the full album.  However, I did discover some songs that appealed to me. The lyrics to "Art of Love" reached out to me. Very meaningful words that can be endearing to almost everyone.  "Ooo Do I Wanna Be Yours" and "Marry Me" are sweet songs that can win a woman's heart. "Something Blue" is probably the catchiest tune out of the whole album.  Overall, I can't imagine myself playing this album regularly but it's worth keeping...for those moments when my inlaws visit.  :)

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Mary Lambert's HEART ON MY SLEEVE - Music Review for One2One Network

I am so ecstatic to receive this music album.  I have heard Mary Lambert's song "Secrets" on the radio and I really love it.  After listening to the full album, I have to say that I just adore her voice and her style of music.  Her voice is so mesmerizing and reminds me a little of Sarah McLachlan with that gut-wrenching hit-you-in-the-heart-while-it-hurts kind of way.  She has a way with words that brings out emotions.  She makes you feel [truly, madly] deeply.

"Secrets" really resonated with me.  I think I can totally relate to most of the words because I feel like it's my life.  It would have been a great theme song for when I was younger when my [original] family was truly dysfunctional and I had just become a new Mom.

Aside from her hit song "Secrets" (my fave), the other songs that really moved me were "When You Sleep", "Monochromatic", and "Wounded Animal".  I love slow drawn out make-you-feel deeply type of songs.  Maybe it just depends on the mood I am in but these kind of songs make me so emotional. I guess sad songs will do that to ya.  There's just something about depressing songs that I connect with so well.  I didn't always look at that glass as half full!

"So Far Away" is pretty catchy as well.  I think that would be my next favorite song.  I really liked her version of "Jessie's Girl".  Such a great rendition of a classic song that I grew up with.  "Dear One" is a great lyrical poem.  I can totally imagine her acting it out on stage on mic night or something.

Mary Lambert is just adorable.  After she became popular on the hit song "Same Love" with Macklemore, I was hoping she would come out with her own radio hit and now I am so happy for her.  I believe she's just doing fine on her own. :)

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***I participated in the Mary Lambert Heart On My Sleeve album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.***

PS Sorry for the short ramblings of what I consider as my review of this album, but it's been a long day!  ;)