Monday, June 25, 2012

Old Navy Sample & Share: Get Soaked this Summer in Old Navy Swimwear!

I am sooooooooooo ecstatic to have been picked for this sample share.  I have been working hard to lose weight since the beginning of the year so I was looking forward to trying on some new swimsuits.  Though it seems daunting to go sample swimsuits (EEK!), it was very exciting to see Old Navy's selection and getting this special opportunity to get to pick one for FREE!  :)

My BFF Corinne and I have our little "dates" occasionally so this was a special date for both of us!  We always have fun together but this was even more fabulous sampling all the different swimsuits. Old Navy has such a wide selection this year.  So many different styles, patterns and colors to choose from!

The real question is...what swimsuit did I NOT sample? LOL. I liked a lot of the colors and patterns on many of the swimsuits but what it really came down to was how it fit on me. Some of the styles just didn't work on my body. Some of the sizes were really off too, which was kind of a disappointment since I had to actually try 3 different sizes just to see how they fit. It would have been a lot easier if I could just have stuck to my normal size (medium). I really like the bold colors the most and those that had unique patterns. It was a combination of the color, pattern, style and the right fit that sold me. 

I think we both chose over 20 swimsuits to try on and I have to admit, a lot of them looked much better on the hangers than they did on me.  We both didn't want to model in front of each other (looking at myself in the mirror was nerve-racking enough!) but I did take photos of myself and texted them to her and my sisters (who else could be brutally honest?!) to get their opinions.  In the end, we both kinda caved in and just showed each other some of the ones we liked. 

I LOVED a lot of the swimsuits I tried on so it was really hard to choose between them all.  Here are some of the ones I loved:

I remember feeling exhausted after trying on all those swimsuits.  Corinne and I couldn't have been happier though!  Not only did I find one perfect swimsuit.  I found two (I got the bottom 2)!  The best part was that the turquoise bikini set was already on clearance!  Even better.  :)  We had a wonderful time!  Thanks Old Navy and Crowdtap for an awesome opportunity!!

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