Sunday, October 23, 2011

Get Fab & Fit in Active by Old Navy!

Old Navy's Activewear "Compression" line has been a fabulous asset to my wardrobe, literally! I purchased several pairs of the compression pants, thus, helping my workout clothes grow into a full collection. It's fabulous being able to wear something that allows me to move freely, doesn't constrict my breathing in ways that other compression pants do and it really does help tuck in the areas I don't like on my body (tummy, thighs, love handles, etc.). I love how they stretch with you as you move...they don't bunch down when I run (just a tad really) . That's why I would rather wear the activewear rather than any old pair of sweatpants!

Plus, the colors and style are great, simple enough & really comfortable to run errands in and yet, it motivates me enough to go to the gym knowing I will look great (at least I think so). It definitely increases my stamina in that I don't have to waste my time pulling up my pants while I run or do my workouts. LOL
I love Old Navy's Active line. I have to admit, 90% of my workout clothes are from Old Navy just because they are so versatile and they are just too affordable to pass up (compared to Athleta and other brands). So I was very happy to participate in Crowdtap's sample share to try out the new active wear at Old Navy.
I took my sister with me so that she can experience how it is to be a Crowdtapper! We tried out several outfits before deciding. We even got the fitting room lady to enjoy the experience with us. She just laughed at us as we went through 10 different outfits. My sister and I were sweating like crazy! We ended up picking similar outfits!! ;)
Thanks Crowdtap and Old Navy for another awesome experience!!!

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