Friday, December 9, 2011

Get Cute and Cozy at Old Navy’s Bundle-Up Bash!

My friends and I were finally able to schedule a night when we could all go. Luckily, Old Navy is open until 11 pm for the holiday season so we went this past Wednesday night (Dec 7th) between 8-10 pm. I invited my sister-in-law Sarah, my BFF Corinne and one of my new girlfriends Becca. I was so excited to finally make this happen!! It's so hard managing people's schedules sometimes. ;)

I am so happy to have been chosen for this sample share! For this party, my friends and I are lucky enough to be able to pick out a sweater, pants and one of the winter accessories (hat, scarf or gloves)!!! Such an awesome opportunity to share with wonderful people!!!

Anyway, we didn't do anything "extra" for the party. We basically just went in and attacked the store! It was nice walking in and seeing that there weren't really anyone else in the store. I think we might have just found the secret to shopping at Old after 8! We were sooooo excited to see so many different varieties of styles and colors offered for the sweaters, pants and winter accessories. We filled up our shopping carts, as if we had just won the lottery or something. I should have taken pictures of that. We had them overflowing. Lol.

We had a lot of fun trying on the outfits and pairing them up with the winter accessories. Old Navy has some of the cutest hats and scarves, and it's great that they are so affordable. There were soooooo many sweaters and pants to choose from. I think I tried on every single sweater. Some looked much better on the hanger. Ha.

The sweaters were really soft and I liked how versatile some of really are. I was just bummed to find that some of the ones I really wanted were no longer available in my size. Sarah, Corinne, Becca and I all wore different sizes and had different tastes so it was interesting to see what outfits we would come up with. We came up with some pretty funky ones, I think. We had a lot of fun checking each other out and ofcourse, making fun of each other too.

There were so many jeans and other bottoms to choose from! I think that was our biggest challenge...finding the right pair that looked good and felt "right". A lot of the pants I tried on looked great on...others not so much. Some of the jeans had pockets that made it look weird on. Becca is super skinny and I thought those same pants would look good on her but they still looked pretty funny with the pockets "sticking out" to the sides. Corinne tried on some pants that really looked good on her, as they accentuated her bottom while they didn't do much for me. Lol.

Sarah was probably the only one that was able to make a decision right away, while we all struggled to choose. Soooo many to choose from!

Overall, we had a great time!!! Thank you Old Navy and Crowdtap for this wonderful opportunity!! We heart you. :)

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