Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Old Navy Style Council: One Free Decorated Tank Top

I was running out of time and alas, I was finally able to redeem my free embellished tank top at Old Navy on the day the coupon expired (July 21, 2011). San Luis Obispo isn't really that far from my home but I only make a special trip to drive there for Old Navy and Costco. So today I definitely made a special trip there with my kids just to go and take advantage of this great opportunity. I had one hour before my kids' swim lessons began so I had to rush down to SLO, browse through the store in a limited time and rushed right back to make it in time for my kids' swim lessons!

I was pleasantly surprised with the many different styles and colors still available. Some of the tank tops were already on clearance so my sizes (small or medium) were already gone. But there were still plenty of styles to choose from, so I wasn't too disappointed. As I mentioned before, I didn't have a lot of time so I just went through the women's department pretty quickly and just started grabbing all the tank tops I liked in my size. I went to the clearance department to grab a white skirt to try to match it with and of course (what I was afraid of), I found some other cool stuff that were just too cute to pass up. Then I looked at the time and realized, DARN, I don't have enough time to try anything on!!

I bought this skirt for $9.99:

this pair of sandals for $5.49:

this pair of black flats for $16.50:

and last but not least, this awesome tank top for FREE:

I had the Crowdtap coupon for the free tank top, a 25% off one item coupon along with my $20 Rewards Card that I earned from using my Old Navy Rewards Visa card so my grand total for everything was a whole $8.64! I was so ecstatic to get a whole outfit and then some for less than the price of a meal!

I couldn't wait to get home to try everything on...but unfortunately, I had to wait after swim lessons. But as soon as I got home, I tried them on and sadly the tank top was too big. :( It is 100% cotton so I'm contemplating whether or not to either just to exchange it or just wash it and hope it shrinks. Either way, I am stoked at how great the color looks on me and it goes great with my new white skirt and my Steve Madden cowgirl-type boots. It's gonna be a great outfit to wear to the Midstate Fair!

I am loving being a part of the Old Navy Style Council. This was my 3rd sample share and I am just so happy to have been chosen again. My friends are loving it too. I have shared the coupons with 6 of my friends and they are all so grateful for the wonderful "gift" I have given them. I am so excited about all the great opportunities to sample Old Navy products and to be able to share my experience with others. Thank you so much Old Navy and Crowdtap!!!

UPDATE: I went back to Old Navy to try to exchange the tank top I originally got but there weren't any more in the size I needed so I exchanged it for this tank top instead. This is my complete Old Navy outfit!


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