Saturday, July 2, 2011

Old Navy Shorts Party!!!

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My friends and I had such a fabulous time at Old Navy (in San Luis Obispo, CA) trying on many different outfits and even some of the same exact outfits! Great minds think alike. :) I had originally planned it to be like the "Supermarket Sweeps" game show, where we were supposed to sweep through the store grabbing as many outfits as we could in a short amount of time and then try them on all real quick. We were only planning to be there for an hour due to other events we had to attend, but we ended up being at Old Navy for two hours! Plus it was kind of silly to think we would have room to have all 4 of us try on the outfits in the fitting rooms...on a SATURDAY. The place was packed!! There were long lines for the fitting rooms so we ended up taking over both fitting rooms in the men's section.

I was slightly irritated as well with customer service since I asked for the store manager right when we walked in, and this young kid who was an acting manager, gave me attitude right away saying the store's too busy for us to be doing the party. I explained to him that it was the only day that worked for all 4 of us so we had no choice. He told me that he had to talk to another manager (another young kid) and as I explained to her what was going on, with letter in hand, she told me she had to call someone to confirm the letter. So as we stood there for close to 10 mins waiting for her to get back, we just walked around and browsed through the racks. When she came back, she was still skeptical that the letter & the booklet I showed her were "real". So I had to show her the Crowdtap website on my phone to let her know I wasn't making it all up. *Sigh* But customer service did redeem themselves throughout our shopping experience. One in particular was very helpful as he made sure we were OK while we were trying on our outfits and he even helped take pics of us. Then at the checkout lane, the cashiers were shocked when we used our coupons but they were all very nice and accommodating. It all started out on the wrong foot but even though it didn't quite go as planned, we still had a really good time!

My friends Jenn, Corinne and Tiff were very excited to be able to partake in this Old Navy Shorts Party. I was really happy to be able to give them FREE outfits and shoes!! We ended up getting close to $375 worth of clothing and shoes for free. So thank you sooooooo much Crowdtap for picking me to host this party!!!! We love all the clothes and shoes. We heart you Old Navy and Crowdtap! :)

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