Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ready Made: Jewelry Displays

A few months ago, I started a few projects and ofcourse time passed and I put them in the back burner. Well today, I finally went ahead and completed them! I am so happy with how they turned out. I wish I had taken more photos of the process but oh well. Here are some jewelry displays I created from a few branches I picked up from under a tree at the beginning of spring and a cabinet door that I purchased from Habitat Humanity's ReStore in Templeton/Paso Robles (I just love this place! I have found some great things for projects here!) for only $3. I just sanded down the cabinet door, took out the middle panel and attached small chicken wire screen to the back then spray painted both the branches and the cabinet door black and TADA!!

I attached two black rose clips to them (which I got free from a yard sale) but not sure if I like them there. I just have to add sand in the vase and I should be all done! :)

This would have probably retailed for $50 or more at a store. So glad I was able to make both for less than $20!

Cabinet - $3 (from ReStore)
Chicken Wire - free (from my inlaws' garden)
Spray Paint - $2 (from Orchard Supply)
Vase - $14 (from Marshall's)
Branches - free (from the park down the street)
Black Rose Clips - free (from a yard sale)
Sand - free (from the beach)