Thursday, May 26, 2011

Best Buys: Old Navy

I had a ball shopping at Old Navy today.  For once, I got to enjoy a good hour and a half browsing through the store WITHOUT KIDS.  I took my time, trying to decide how I was going to spend my hard-earned money (well not necessary "mine", gotta thank hubby for that!).  I had earned $40 in  rewards cards just by using my Old Navy Rewards Visa card!  Plus I had a 25% off one item coupon AND (4) coupons for FREE (yes, you read that right) pairs of activewear pants!  Coupons I received from signing up for one of the Crowdtap* campaigns

Knowing the Old Navy coupon policy (they will only take up 2 coupons along with 2 rewards cards in one transaction), I asked to speak to the store manager as soon as I walked through the door.  I am not a bold one by nature (OK, maybe I am.  LOL) but it just helps to straighten out the issues before they become issues, if you know what I mean.  Needless to say, I didn't wanna waste my time shopping around, getting all the items I want to buy and then get to the cashier and have them tell me "Uh no."  So I explained my situation to her about how I have all these coupons and I live 20 mins away from the store and rarely come down that way to be able to use all my coupons by its expiration dates.  She was so sweet and totally understood, so she let me use all my coupons AND rewards cards.  Yay!

So I went in for the kill and attacked the clearance section (which by the way, was an extra 50% off).  I have to admit I rarely buy anything from the regular racks anymore, even when they're on sale.  The clearance racks are where the real savings are at.  They have to make room for all the new styles so the clearance racks are barely "old" styles by any means.  They're like a month old, if that. 

I found the following:
  • a pair of size 6 jeans that fit perfectly (they look oh so good on too!) for $17.47
  • a couple activewear capris for $11.99 and $14.49
  • a black romper for $15.49
  • a T-shirt for $4.99
  • running shorts for $8.50 (off the regular rack actually)
  • a running tank for $9.49
  • fleece pants for my little girl for $8.99
  • leggings for her for $5.99
  • 2 pairs of activewear pants for $24.94
  • a pair of yoga pants for $19.50
  • a pair of yog capris for $16.50
Original Grand total: $199.32
- 25% off one item coupon
- 50% all clearance
- (4) FREE coupons for the regular retail prices of the activewear pants
- $40 Old Navy Rewards card

Out of pocket: $14.43

PS I just realized the cashier charged me TWICE for one item.  Ugh, so that means I could have saved an additional $4 off my purchase.  *sigh*

It pays to have the Old Navy Visa Rewards card!!!  I pay all our health insurance bills, groceries, gas, and use it towards other payments that take credit cards.  I have earned well over $300 in rewards since I applied for it back in November just by using it to pay for items I normally pay cash for each month.  Trust me, you will enjoy the benefits of almost FREE clothing!!!

*As part of the Crowdtap campaign, I gave (3) pairs of pants to friends.  :)

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